At Dos Hermanas (Seville), 4 July 2013


1. Use of personal data

As established in Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, the information provided via the Website’s information forms will be entered into an automatic personal information database belonging to GRUPO YBARRA ALIMENTACION,S.L. (hereunder YBARRA). This data will be used by this company confidentially and exclusively for managing relationships with its clients and promoting company activities. Furthermore, YBARRA will cancel, erase and/or block data when they are found to be incorrect, incomplete or have become unnecessary or impertinent to their intended use, in agreement with the legal provisions included in the privacy policy.

Users are made clearly aware that their data may be used to send commercial communication by e-mail or any other means. The areas on the information forms marked with an asterisk are compulsory, so if users do not provide the corresponding data, YBARRA may deny the corresponding service with no prior notice.

Users may revoke their consent and have the right to access, correct, cancel and oppose the use of their data by writing for such purpose to the place of business in Dos Hermanas (Seville), Carretera Isla Menor, Km. 1,8, CP 41700.

YBARRA has taken the security measures stipulated in the Regulations on Security Measures approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, which approves the Regulation developing Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data. However, no method of security on a communication medium like the Internet is completely protected, and data leaks may occur due to harmful action by a third party.

2. Appropriateness and intended use

Requests for personal data on the YBARRA Website take into account that the data must be pertinent, appropriate and not excessive in regard to its intended use. YBARRA will not use illicit, unlawful or fraudulent methods to collect personal data. The YBARRA Website will ask for interested parties’ consent before the data provided are used for other purposes then the original intended use.

Upon obtaining prior consent, YBARRA may use the data provided by the user to inform them of related company business activities. YBARRA will not sell or transfer provided data, although they may be used for statistical ends after going through a process of disassociation.

3. Responsibility for data

As provided in data protection legislation, responsibility for the personal data obtained while accessing a website belongs to, “the natural or legal person, of public or private nature, or administrative body that decides on the intended use, content and use of data”.

4. User rights

As provided in data protection legislation, users have the right to be informed, access, correct, cancel and oppose the use of their data. The user has the right to:

  • Know the data included in our website files related to the interested party and ask for corrections when data are incomplete or incorrect.
  • Cancel specific data if consent of use is revoked.
  • Oppose the use of publicly accessible or user-provided data for marketing and market research and cancel these uses if is the case.


5. Access to third parties

Parties that are not part of Grupo Ybarra Alimentación, such as Internet service providers, application developers, support companies, etc., may, while providing service, access data provided to the YBARRA Website. These service providers follow the instructions of YBARRA, which is responsible for the data, using the data in accordance with the contracted service’s purpose.

6. Use of cookies

The YBARRA Website may use cookies while providing service. Cookies are small files saved to the hard drive of the user’s device that track, save and store information about the user’s interactions and usage of a given website. This data are inconspicuously stored on the corresponding user’s hard drive. Every time the user enters the website in question, these files automatically activate in order to configure the website to preferences saved during prior visits. In short, cookies are physical personal data files saved on the user’s device and are only associated with this device. Cookies cannot read cookies created by other providers.

Users may configure their web browsers in such a manner that blocks the creation of cookies or warns when this happens. The Website is accessible regardless of the options activated related to cookies, yet this may impede the proper functioning of security measures for exclusive services or certain services that need more security. Above all, the purpose of the Website’s cookies is to improve the user’s experience.